If you love our food at Chico Loco, chances are you have signed up for the #DirtyHealth revolution! It means we are in the same camp that advocates eating well and not compromising on taste at the same time.

We have seen salad bowls and green juices taking over everyone’s instagram pages, and all the talk about eating clean -- ugh, boring! That’s why, when we created Chico Loco, our sole purpose was to bring you delicious food that are fresh, healthy, AND tasty. Yes, keyword: tasty.

To us, eating healthy has never been about feeding on salads and certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy proteins and (a little) carbs. Our signature spit-roasted chicken is hormone-, antibiotic-, and cage-free, and that means you don’t feed yourself with artificial stuff - a much healthier option as compared to your regular fried chickens, don’t you think! A big bonus is that its flavour, texture and taste are just as on point. 

So if you ask us to choose between a boring salad and a good healthy protein, we’re sure you know the answer.

At Chico Loco, we’re all for you to get messy with your food and using your hands to devour that drumstick. Because it’s #FoodWorthGettingDirtyFor

It’s okay to be dirty, and it’s okay to be yourself, to not conform to social standards of healthy eating. So forget about #eatingclean or detoxing, because what really matters is eating well and in moderation while savouring every single bite! 

Life is too short for boring food. #RealChickenRealGood

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(Photo: Renata Mascarello/Flickr)

The word that seems to be on everyone’s lips as of late. 

But what is the meaning of being sustainable? And how do we ensure that it lives on as more than just a buzzword?

Since 2018, we made a pledge and embarked on our Loco Green Steps program with the help of Green Is The New Black. This meant evaluating every aspect of our restaurant operations from sourcing to day-to-day workflow, and forming new processes and habits that are less taxing on the environment. The outcome of that assessment has led us to achieve the following sustainable practices: 

1. Offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions of our direct operations though purchasing verifiable carbon credits.The carbon credits were generated from The North Pikounda REDD+ Project, which is a project designed to protect 92,530 hectares of unlogged native forest in the Congo from deforestation, maintaining and protecting the biodiversity of the area.

2. Eliminating single-use plastic straws and only offering a biodegradable straw on request.

3. Ensuring all our printing paper are from FSC-certified renewable sources and implementing new processes that has saved 30,000 pieces of paper being printed each year.

4. No longer choosing to buy  imported bottled mineral water and replacing with premium filtered tap water which reduces the emissions from importing and disposing of glass bottles.

5. Zero use of palm oil in all operations.

6. That all chickens on our menus are free-roaming, organic-fed and non-GMO certified.

7. Implementing a sustainable operations blueprint:

- Setting a recycling infrastructure that allows for daily recycling

- Composting 100kg of food waste per week with Green Circle Farm

At Chico Loco and The Loco Group, you will never hear us say we are the most “sustainable”. Sustainability to us does not mean a race with a defined finish-line. It is an ongoing mission to make the carbon footprint we leave behind a little smaller each month, each quarter and each year.

As we continue our mission as a group to challenge ourselves to minimize our environmental impact, we invite guests, suppliers, collaborators to join us on our journey to become more sustainable in our own capacities. 

We are also always on the look-out for collaborations to spread the word about sustainability or find new ways to become more sustainable ourselves. If you’re interested to collaborate with us, we’d love to hear from you!


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Chickens are probably the most commonly consumed protein in many of our lives, whether you are eating out with friends, cooking at home, or grabbing a to-go - We eat a lot more chickens than we realise. But hey, have you ever stopped and think about what kind of chickens you are feeding yourself with? What actually went into their bodies that are now going into yours?

It’s known that many of the chooks found at the supermarket are injected with growth hormones and antibiotics and all these toxins are going into your body with every mouthful of chicken you enjoy. But it really doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why we pride ourselves on serving healthy and quality chickens that are few and far between. With hormone-, antibiotic-, cage-free chickens, we’re telling you - every bite is as guilt free as it is tender and juicy.

We source our chickens from a farm just an hour drive into Johor Bahru. Where the chooks are allowed to roam freely in spacious pens with natural light and elevated perches. Trust us, we’ve seen this first hand so we know it’s real - Here’s Chef Jason hanging out with a chook at the farm.

They are fed with organic feed with no growth hormones and antibiotics. If anything, the farmers add probiotics into their diet, which strengthens their immune system and keep their digestive tract healthy. These birds are only available for sale after 60 days of growth and above, which means to say that the farmers allow it to grow at a natural pace. 

What this means is that the chickens are happier and healthier to eat, containing less saturated fat and higher omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart.

To give things a little perspective, chickens that grow in intense environment tend to stay indoors and are kept in long hours of artificial light so they stay awake eating longer and growing fatter unnaturally fast. And more often than not, the space that they live on is very tight, which can get to 19 birds per square meter, almost like living within an A4 piece of paper! Not forgetting that most chickens are only 42 days old when slaughtered. Imagine eating unhappy chickens into your body, that’s definitely not ‘healthy’.

The spit-roasted chickens at Chico Loco might not look as plump as those which have been fed with a diet maximised for growth, but with a 12 hour brine overnight, and Chef Jason Jones’ secret 11 Mexican herbs and spices, our chickens are roasted to perfection and does not lose out on its flavour, texture and tenderness! This entire process from rearing the chickens to enjoying the food is actually ethical and wonderful - good for our health and their welfare! What’s not to love?

The next time you’re craving for some spit-roasted chickens, you know where to look for real chickens that are real good. #ChicoLoco

P.S. We’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from Monday to Saturday, serving up locally-roasted artisanal coffee, a huge range of craft beers, natural wines and cocktails. Or if you’re feeling lazy, we deliver islandwide!

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