Say what, #DirtyHealth?

If you love our food at Chico Loco, chances are you have signed up for the #DirtyHealth revolution! It means we are in the same camp that advocates eating well and not compromising on taste at the same time.

We have seen salad bowls and green juices taking over everyone’s instagram pages, and all the talk about eating clean -- ugh, boring! That’s why, when we created Chico Loco, our sole purpose was to bring you delicious food that are fresh, healthy, AND tasty. Yes, keyword: tasty.

To us, eating healthy has never been about feeding on salads and certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy proteins and (a little) carbs. Our signature spit-roasted chicken is hormone-, antibiotic-, and cage-free, and that means you don’t feed yourself with artificial stuff - a much healthier option as compared to your regular fried chickens, don’t you think! A big bonus is that its flavour, texture and taste are just as on point. 

So if you ask us to choose between a boring salad and a good healthy protein, we’re sure you know the answer.

At Chico Loco, we’re all for you to get messy with your food and using your hands to devour that drumstick. Because it’s #FoodWorthGettingDirtyFor

It’s okay to be dirty, and it’s okay to be yourself, to not conform to social standards of healthy eating. So forget about #eatingclean or detoxing, because what really matters is eating well and in moderation while savouring every single bite! 

Life is too short for boring food. #RealChickenRealGood

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